x_storm: (Smiling)
Ororo Munroe ([personal profile] x_storm) wrote2005-06-21 12:31 pm

From your local weather girl...

There is a heat wave coming. It's started already as some of the less heat tolerant among you may have noticed and will be getting stronger as it settles in. This time though, the weather will have to remain as is and the heat will simply have to be taken in stride until it settles. The mansion is a/c enabled and so anyone wishing to avoid the temperatures and humidity can simply stay inside. Moving that many suspended water molecules around would not only mean I'd be too exhausted to enjoy the resulting weather, but would also result in drastic effects in several other currently perfectly well behaved temperature zones.

Also? I actually happen to like the heat and humidity. I'll be outside severely revamping the flower beds for the next few days, I think. And purchasing more flowers at that, if anyone wants to tag along for a ride to the nursery to help out.

Note - I can tell you for a fact that the 4th of July will be a bright sunny day, without any action of my own influencing that. I will though, see what I can do about a light shower before the July 4th festivities begin to dampen the ground and give the children a chance to play in the rain.

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