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Mmm. I think, maybe, some snow for the weekend. It's almost here anyway so it really won't be disrupting much of anything at all to just nudge things along a few days early...

So little boys can go out and play in it, along with anyone else who'd like to do so. I think we should even have enough for a snowfort to be built.


Jun. 25th, 2004 05:17 pm
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Tonight will be lovely and clear for those who wish to stargaze. Tomorrow will be a perfectly sunny day, warm enough for poolside activities without being overly hot.



Apr. 15th, 2004 10:27 pm
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In short - we do not yet have them, but this is being remedied now.

I am taking volunteers. Those of you who are interested, please comment here, email me, or see my during my office hours or after a class.

This year's edition may be rather rushed, as it is already April, but if any of you would still like to be involved - or have pictures or anything else they would like to contribute, contact me.
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By the volume of grumbling this morning, I can see that in a universe of chaos, that some things remain consistant.

Welcome back to classes, students.
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My courses, as you all know, will be resuming tomorrow.

However, I understand that there has been a rather lengthy hiatus. Therefore, should any of you wish to come and talk about anything course-related, one to one, then I'm making myself available for you today.

This is a once in a lifetime offer. You could be foolish to miss it.
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...so why am I back here?

Yes, I've returned. Don't all jump up and hug me at once, now.

Manhattan was lovely and quite relaxing. However, I'm happy to back, even if I have returned to find the mansion in some amount of chaos. What've you been up to, to cause all this uproar?

No, I don't think I want to know.

Those of you who are taking my courses should note that class begins on Monday. I expect to see you there.
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Welcome back. I'm glad to see you've returned unharmed and that Betsy is still alive.

Now, will someone care to tell me, what the hell you were all thinking?
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I've done a complete search of the students and staff remaining.

We're three short.

Kitty, Sarah, and Jamie, if you're anywhere near a computer terminal.

Post to this journal. Now.
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I could've sworn we had about five tubs of ice cream this past weekend. And now I can't find a single one.

Should be happy the temptation has been removed, but some days, you just want a scoop of turtle tracks, or even some rocky road.

Damn....I guess I'll be heading to town. So, if anyone needs anything, I'm starting a list.

So, speak up!
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When I fly, I always use that time to process the day's events. And most days, I'm proud of what I've accomplished.

Then again.

There are days I remember when I was worshipped as a goddess of my tribe. And that I gave that up for a teaching position and leather pants.


What have I done?
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The trip to Muir Island was insightful, if not sobering. I would like to go into detail about the need for a facility like that available at Muir, but I don't have the energy for such a post. At least, not right now.

At the Professor's request, I traveled as close to the hurricane's eye, trying to avert it from touching down within New York. But after the first five hours, it became an impossible task. I realized that if the storm was allowed to make landfall, it would dissipate faster with less chance of damage. As soon as Isabel hit land, it was easier to counteract her destructiveness. When it was all said and done, I returned to the room yesterday morning and slept for sixteen hours. It was a blessing in disguise, between jet lag, travel weariness, and the strain of the hurricane, I'd surprisingly worn myself out.

I've had most of yesterday and today to catch up with all your posts from even before our trip to Muir Island. It seems, I've been gone for far too long, and that will be changing as of now. I'm so proud of the bravery that has taken place during this trying time. You have all done exemplary work.

You should be proud of yourselves, as I am of all of you.
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Could everyone on Team Two (who's still around) plus - let me see - Ali, Warren, and Piotr - come to my office at - let me see - nine tonight?

We have some things to discuss.

((OOC: Not necessarily expecting everyone to come online at nine or anything, just setting the stage here, la la la...))
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... who was that delivery for? And when did the USPS start hiring direct from West Virginia?

All right. I've been Team-Two'ing my butt off since forever, and gardening is what I do to relax. So, please, don't go tromping on my daffodils.

On the other hand, anyone who wants to come help out, say...


Yes, Betsy. I know I've been a bad staff member. However, you seem to have been doing well enough without me, and all the Save The World crap will settle down real soon. I promise. Scott promises. I'm making him promise.

You hear that, Scott? You've promised.

Yes, that's all a smokescreen for the fact that the thing in the Middle East with Logan... well. No. I'm not going to talk about it, so don't ask, unless you're Charles or Scott. And no, I don't know when he'll be back, either. He's still doing cleanup, and then I think he was going off to do - other things.

I will start being sociable again soon, I promise. But you all would not have liked me, if I hadn't had a chance to deal with this Middle East crap. Trust me.
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No fairy tales or scintillating discussion today, class.

Writing a mission report. Argh.

Scott? I'm so sorry we made you do this for years. Did you find yourself making sarcastic footnotes, too?
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In the eternal battle between amusement parks and fresh, garden-grown tomatoes (and sandwiches made from them)...

... tomatoes win.

Still, I hope you all had a good time.
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Ladies and gentlemen.

Do you know why I am not with Magneto? Do you know why I believe in Charles' vision?

It is not because I believe that human nature (and we are all human) is inherently sweet, kind, loving, and co-operative.

It is not because I believe that humanity does not harbor fear and hatred towards mutantkind, or vice versa.

It's certainly not because I don't think human on mutant genocide is possible.

It is because I can see a society made of only mutants very clearly, and I don't see it being any freer of persecution than our current one. I see those with physical mutations being persecuted by (or persecuting) those without them. I see alpha level mutants rising to power solely because they are alpha level mutants. I see gamma level mutants reduced to grunts and manual labor. I see the same old human racial, political, national, religious, and tribal differences still holding sway. I see telepaths and empaths holding a great deal of power, and being feared and reviled by other mutants for what they can do. I can see shapeshifters being the victims of witchhunts for just the same reason. I can see a code of honor relating to the use of powers arising simply because such a thing is absolutely necessary for such a society to function enough to produce food, and I can see those who want power wantonly ignoring it.

Anyone who wants to accuse me of not having a sense of humor is perfectly welcome to do it to my face, and then I will show you exactly why this kind of behavior is refered to as a "slippery slope".

We do not do this kind of shit to each other, people.

This is supposed to be home. The one place that people like us - that anyone - can come to and get away from the kind of crap we face in the outside world.

Do you really think you're here to learn English Literature or Physics? Or even how to control your powers?

Wrong. We are here to learn how to be better human beings. All of us.

Cut this bullshit out. Right now. Everyone.
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To everyone, both student and staff alike:

The trick is never letting them see you sweat. (Smile, so they won't know what you're up to...)


May. 27th, 2003 11:41 am
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Spirits above and below. I hurt.

Logan, you are a vicious, vicious man.

I am so going to pay you back for that. "Demonstration" indeed.

Ow. Anybody have some aspirin?
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Has anyone seen [livejournal.com profile] x_coldhands recently?

I'm willing to be lenient on class attendance, but Mr. Drake, it's been a week.

[Edit: Scratch that. As of next Monday, Lit attendance is mandatory for everyone. That includes you, Mr. Starsmore, Mr. Drake (Ms. D'ancanto - sorry).

Since we've covered everything we need to cover, up until the exam we're going to have study hall, but I'll be perfectly happy to answer any questions anyone has.

Monday. Nine AM sharp until noon. That's three hours of your lives, kids. You can deal with that.

If you're all very good, I will read you fairy tales.]
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It is far, far too early in the morning for me to be awake.

And I have a grand total of forty minutes to get ready for my World History class.

Which I expect all enrolled to be attending, mind you, including any interested and otherwise idle new students.

Now, to actually put on something besides my underwear.

Allie, Marie -- mission tonight. But out to dinner first, my treat. What's the word on acceptable cuisine?

My neck is sore.

(OOC note: Goodness, Storm is wearing a lot of awfully high-necked clothing and big impressive African chokers lately.)
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