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This is about the situation in Smichov. This is about the fact that people are dying in a city across the sea, and the fact that we are not there, trying to save them.

There is nothing harder than seeing the news coverage of a broken body being pulled from a pile of rubble and thinking to yourself 'I could have stopped that'. There is nothing more difficult than knowing that before the day is through, there will be many more bodies and many more piles of rubble and still you will have done nothing to help them there. But there is a limit to what we can do, and there is a reason for holding back. And though you may be hard-pressed to find that reason or understand it when you do, know that it exists. We are only human. We may have extraordinary abilities and the extraordinary responsibilities that come with them, but when it is all said and done, we are human. And we are governed by human laws and human rules, and the minute we pretend that we are not, we become something dangerous and foolhardy. If we ignored the mandates of our government, of the Czech government, and go to Smichov, there is absolutely nothing guaranteeing that we would be able to get close enough to help, let alone stop what is happening. Sacrificing ourselves may be the 'right' thing to do, but that does not mean we should do it.

It is an outrage, what is happening in Smichov right now. It is a base, deplorable, horrifying event. I cannot help but feel sick when I watch the coverage, and it is difficult to imagine a world in which this is happening, right now. But just as someone with means choosing to live on the street will not help a homeless person feel warmer at night, giving the Czech government a real mutant threat will not make their actions cease. And so we are left to rant and rail against each other instead of focusing on the things we can do. Terry is going to the Red Cross. I charge anyone who is outraged at our lack of action to consider their own actions, and then hers. There are things we can do, and we should be doing them. Sometimes the day cannot be saved by heroes in black leather. Sometimes the lesson is far, far harder to learn.

People are dying across the sea, and we cannot be there to save them. Let us instead make sure their deaths are not in vain. Let us work together and do what we can. We cannot give more or less than our all.
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